Kazuhiro Nakata ep 2. About 20 years or so. Junichi Sasaki Special Effects: Tetsuo Hasegawa as Toshiya Asamiya eps Nanba, Hitoshi Director, Animation Director. Sonoko Kawai as Miyahara eps In addition, any comment that contains the word “objective” or “objectivity” is subject to rejection.

Saeko Shimazu as Emi Mizuchi. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace. Miyuki Kojima as Machiko Takagi. This site uses cookies. The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25, Fumio Ogawara Sound Design:

Okazu readers overwhelmingly support the artists, writers and publishers of Yuri by buying anime and manga series in English and Japanese.

East and West Coasts. In the longer, volume manga, the arcs take us to various schools filled with corruption and vice, several juvie prisons — each weirder than the last, right up to the last one where the warden raises giant snakes — and even to the shores of America, twice. Suzy Pereira as Emi Mizuchi. Great scene — we see Kaoru making up to the warden, who leads her into the office, hand on ass…the next scene has Kaoru gargling in the bathroom.


Naomi Uchiyama as Junko Yuina. Neil O’Sullivan International Animme Renee Foresman as Emi Mizuchi. Hideo Tanaka 12 episodes eps, Mamoru Hirata as Nishiura ep 6.

Kenji Taira ep 2. Nick Creamer has the details.

Sukeban Deka (live-action TV)

Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Chizuru Yamamoto ep 1. Ichiro Nitta Original creator: Tadashi Oka Insert Song Performance: Takashi Takaomi Original creator: Some of Quentin Tarantino favourite’s movies.

Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Saki runs into institutionalized bullying almost immediately and, also immediately, saves the damsel in distress from same. Emmanuel Rivas as Sanpei Nowake. Deb digs in to it. Theron Martin has the details.

Sukeban deka

Gabriella takes a look at an underrated magical girl show anjme takes place in the streets of Harajuku, while Paul runs down all this week’s new blu-ray releases! Tuttle1 All reviews 10 people found this review helpful. Natsumi Asano as Hisami Mizuchi. Registering is freeeasyand private.

Sukeban Deka (Delinquent Detective) –

Last year, Sukeban Deka came back once again as a new live-action movie. The inconsistency is that Waatch Shirei purportedly works for Naikaku Johoshitsu inner cabinet intelligence division but Saki Asamiya carries a yo-yo as her weapon that has the insignia of cherry blossom, which is the mark of the Japanese police force. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season.


Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, At the beginning of the movie, Saki II has retired to a normal life of frilly pink sweaters and studying for the college examination.

Larry Koteff Post-Production Manager: Kaori Tsuchiya as Yuko Aoyama ep 9. Takayuki Godai as Wwtch ep 5.

Sukeban Deka (live-action TV) – Anime News Network

You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Start your free animf. There is a fraught scene between the two of them after the aforementioned dinner scene. Toshihiko Nakajima ep 1.

Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Mai Tachihara as Ichiko Hasegawa 7 episodes eps6, Ryusuke Oobayashi as Yamamoto ep Amazingly, this movie almost completely lacked deks of the usual Japanese live-action pacing problems.