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Crop before encoding and use show if your device supports it, otherwise ignore. It also increases the resilience of the video stream to packet loss. The numerator is ‘seconds’, and the denominator is ‘ticks’. Find More Posts by foxyshadis. Blu-ray no likey bit encodes. In these cases, investigate — intra-refresh. Sign up using Email and Password. What would be a good target bitrate if I have:

The 0—51 CRF quantizer scale mentioned on this page only applies to 8-bit x Default off , unless you are doing some sort of realtime streaming or low latency is important. This file you can later use to mux your stream for the disk. Setting this to 0 disables threaded lookahead, which allows lower latency at the cost of reduced performance. Here is my latest set of commands: Someone could even conceivably build a custom GUI to do all of this.

libx – FFMPEG demux for burning in scenarist – Video Production Stack Exchange

You can read more about levels and 4. The maximum allowed value is These blocks can be further split up into smaller partitions, x24opts is what this option controls. Download all attachments as: Output a timecode file v2 format based on the input timestamps.

I believe DoStudio was able to do it.

Encoding with ffmpeg – Blu-ray + UHD/4K + Streaming

If using ffms2 or lavf demuxers, timecodes are copied from the input file, provided the output file is not raw. Inside ffmpeg is a version of the xlibrary, an open source bundle of joy that according to many experts will never screw up your gamma, even when exporting to Quicktime!

BluRay Encoding from libx in ffmpeg. Encode the video in target bitrate mode. For a 24 fps video: If you want to re-wrap to.

Combined with bash shell scripting, it’s quite possible to build a quick double-clickable applet that batch encodes any combination of. There may be many reasons for this — especially going from uncompressed bit tiff source files — but it looks like x is the best bet out there for creating great h x264opgs. The built-in presets are flat or JVT.


If you get 2x speed increase it means your test is flawed. Enables parallel encoding by using more than 1 thread to increase speed on multi-core systems. I am now working with elementary streams because Encore really hates taking anything that isn’t elementary or that it can’t transcode.

Encoding with ffmpeg

This disables chroma motion estimation for a small speed boost. Maximum Value is AQ is used to better distribute the available bits between all macroblocks in the video.

You can even add resolution and frame rate sensing with MediaInfo to set the settings correctly. Low priority for me, TBH. Means how many seconds one tick takes.

This setting is mostly applicable to custom streaming servers. Set x to encode the movie in C onstant Q uantizer mode. Please use in that order.

However I did just figure out a ridiculous but workable solution.

2x64opts, a minor annoyance, is that Bly not able to do this from ffmpeg, but I found output in x When using this you probably also want to set — fps. As with CRF, choose the slowest -preset you can tolerate, and optionally apply a -tune setting and -profile: In first-pass auto mode, x keeps a running average of how well each method has so far performed, and picks the next prediction mode from that.

Make a Blu-ray of your short film

Has anyone actually brought a supposedly blu-ray compliant file that was encoded with x and not had Encore squawk about it? Find More Posts by pandy.

Here’s some cell phone video my QC guy took, sorry for the low quality: In short, this value is the number of previous frames each P-frame can use as c264opts. There are two modes available: Crop before encoding and use show if your device supports it, otherwise ignore.

I had other issues with Compressor like the surround setup, the lack of support for pcm sound and the limitations of the burn-to-disk option that made me look for alternatives.


This option is mutually exclusive with — bitrate and — crf. Use this mode if you want to constrain the maximum bitrate used, or keep the stream’s bitrate within certain bounds.

Last edited by poisondeathray; 2nd May at These options set a flag in the output stream that can be read by the decoding application and possibly acted on. Then I don’t need to mux the. In general, the higher the bitrate, the more time needed for encoding. With a little work, I’ve managed to figure out the command line for HD video streams!

Find More Posts by kolak. Hence the rule-of-thumb to use 2-pass encoding for size and bitrate-constrained targets like DVD and BluRay. Also am fairly well versed with the second article you posted, but I am suspecting it’s not the switches I’m using.

Specifies video framerate as either a float Specifies the maximum number of frames to encode, allowing the encode to finish at any point before the end of the source. Blu-ray Discs only support level 4. The stuttering was unlike anything I’d ever seen before — we’d get dropped frames and dropped audio, but seldom at the same time, and although it would stutter in the same general area, it wouldn’t be in exactly the same frames each time we played it back.

I’ll post back with the results. Rob has been nice enough to run these through verifiers on his end, and we came out clean. x26opts

Overridden by either — slice-max-size or — slice-max-mbs if they are set. As per the commit message for this change, use at your own risk.