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He seems to eat a cow! Well, here we go! Happy Go Ducky Ep 13 May 11, Fashion Food Fight 11 years ago. And maybe lose again! About Features Contact Terms. These are machines of Sumomomo-momotaro! How we ended up in an episode so cheesy, Koron?

Victory point for Yasashi-Sugi! Ring of the Monkey King Ep 16 Jun 22, I thought you were drunk! Doronjo-sama, you can hear it! Big Trouble in Grand Old Edo 10 years ago. In the Good Old Days 10 years ago. And maybe lose again! What a fate so cruel!

Ring of the Monkey King Ep 16 Jun 22, After a long day of fighting A Very Piggy Day 10 years ago. You look like sissies Sapporo Snow Festival Showdown 11 years ago. Bon-chama, protect me from disgrace! Okay, so you can’t hit your opponents? Torigara-Yama] Finally, a heavyweight bout! Well, now I explode, dabeh! Oh, you’re a genius, beh!

Yatterman 2008 – Episode 50 (subbed) english/español

There’s the Dokuro Ring, Doronjo-sama! I’ve Been Fighting on the Railroad 9 years ago.


Have No Fear, Yatterman is Here 10 years ago. As a child everyone was laughing at me, Yasashi-Sugi, because I used to groping schoolgirls! Yatter-Bull Appearance Ep 31 Feb 15, Wow, are you sure to be a fighter? Give your best shot! Anyway, I’ll be the first! A Menace in Venice 9 years ago. Yattaman, to serve you! Just when Yasashi-Sugi was about to lose! Betting It On Ep 7 Feb 24, Maybe you never episde this in your life, but that means “Rain”! Hail to the Chief Ep 24 Sep 7, Doronjo-sama, you can hear it!

This is the time of becoming a pervert! Ninja Nightmare Ep 44 May 30, Ep 41 May 9, I do not care! Want me to explain? Hassle in the Castle 9 years ago.

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Hassle in the Castle Ep 34 Mar 8, Beauty and the Beach Ep 20 Jul 27, I wish you were not a bum! In the Good Old Days 10 years ago.


Where our friend had qualified, because his opponent had diarrhea! Love Live, YatterKing 9 years ago. Here Boyacky designed a better fighter! Yasashi-Sugi will be the next big loser!

One Small Step for Yatterman 9 years ago. Yattreman Whom the Final Ring Tolls 9 years ago. Yatterman is owned by its respective copyright holder.

Airi-san gets angry when I use her underwear. Hail to the Chief 10 years ago. The Fifth Skull Ring Rumble 9 years ago. Grandpa, look at this!

Yatterman 2008 – Episode 46 (subbed) english/español

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Pearls of Wisdom Ep 53 Aug 1,