After, during a tea-time celebrating their win, Hanabusa kisses Ichigo on the cheek. At the very end, Kashino and Ichigo are seen holding hands together. Could it be that Ichigo’s grandma also had a sweets spirit? Kashino still doesn’t understand that Johnny might steal Ichigo away from him. After hearing Ichigo’s story about her first meeting with Henri-sensei and about her grandmother, Tennouji reveals her past and her relationship with Henri-sensei and makes her battle declaration. This page was last edited on 5 February , at

Henri’s secretary appears and ushers them to the ballroom in the Saint-Michel castle. The Sweets Princes tells Ichigo about how they first met, got their Sweets Spirits, and became friends over each other’s madeleines. It turns out that Hanabusa and Andoh are taking leaves of absence from school to pursue their own dreams. There, she finds out that the eldest out of Andou’s 4 younger siblings, Ichita, dislikes cake, so she decides to find out why. Will Kashino return to Team Ichigo like their beliefs? Due to the fact that too many middle school teams entered this year, they find out at the beginning of the exam that there is a new individual section. Marron sees Tennoji and almost asks her, but she sees Tennoji already has Honey. Kashino reveals that because he had the best grades in the Paris Campus throughout his whole studies there, he was allowed to skip a grade and become a second year in the same class as the Heiress.

It turns out that the castle is the venue for the semi-finals, the theme of which is a dress made of chocolate. Retrieved from ” https: Ichigo is then placed in Group A with them, despite being a beginner, leading to jealousy and surprise among her other classmates. Marie and starts to get homesick. Ichigo has a feeling that something isn’t quite right and found out that Hayami was originally in Group C but dropped to Group F after her sickness and fever during the final exam.

They bet that if Team Ichigo loses, Kashino has to join their team. He then collapses, and when he wakes up he finds all his friends and his grandfather come to visit him.


Thanks to the help from their friends, Ichigo and the others are slowly catching up to Oujou and Johnny despite the overwhelming difference of sales. Kashino doesn’t seem to want to go into the building. Worried and confused, Ichigo, along with Heiress ran off to speak to her.

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While waiting with Kashino, Ichigo meets a girl named Natsuki, who offers to take them to one of the local shops. Team Ichigo won and advances to the finals because Professionall Koshiro only used ingredients from Chateau Seika while Team Ichigo used ingredients from their tour around Europe.

When she meets up with Kashino and the others, the Sweets Princes got envious as Ricardo flirts with her.

Ichigo goes shopping with Rumi for Valentine’s chocolate when they run into the Heiress, and challenged Ichigo to a chocolate-making duel that is to be held on Valentine’s Day at the party sponsored by the Heiress’s father. The next day, Ichigo and her family visit her deceased grandmother’s pastry shop, now run by her uncle.

As usual, Team Tenouji are amazing but Team Ichigo has trouble.

They pass easily through the Powder Desert and the Milky Lake, but when they reach the Baum Forest, they find themselves in a mystery. The judges decides to make another match at the same day using batter as the subject and this profsesional it will be an individual match.

After, during a tea-time celebrating their win, Hanabusa kisses Ichigo on the cheek. Henri states that romance is not necessary in accomplishing as a top patissiere, even going as far to look down on Ichigo’s skills for the first time.

When they went to Andoh’s shop to visit, he does not have much customers. However, Hayami and the rest protessional Group F continually slack off in class and she, however, seemingly doesn’t care about sweets. Hanabusa and Andou help them to set up their shop and create some new sweets.


Caramel also gives out her advice to Andoh that he has to rely on other people more.

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Meanwhile, Ichigo is also having trouble with her dad who is being stubborn about her not going to Paris. On the day of the competition, Team Ichigo manages to beat Team Ricardo’s doughnuts by one point.

After witnessing Ichigo yumeiiro under the orange tree, Monsieur Blanc invites them to the kitchen, only to have them wash dishes. Ichigo’s two years of studying abroad in Paris are over and she returns to Japan. The episodes from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere are based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsumi Matsumoto. Ichigo notices that all the doctors are named Kashino at the hospital and the group finds out that Kashino’s family owns the hospital.

Ichigo now knows that Henri-sensei is playing the bad guy part to push her determination in order to surpass her grandma’s tart.

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Vanilla gets upset as well and claims that she will ;rofessional longer be her partner. Henri-sensei announces that the first shops on street one are going to open within the week and the owners are from different countries allowing different types of sweets to surface.

Hanabusa turns up for a visit. When Kashino has a taste, he points out that the problem is with the strawberries and she realizes that she needs special strawberries with a unique taste like the ones her grandmother used.